LG’s G4 Arrives On The Scene Sporting Innovation, Improved QHD Display, Beastly Camera And Stitched Leather


Yesterday LG announced the arrival of their premier flagship device and follow up to the G3, the LG G4. With MWC and CES long since passed LG has arrived fashionably late. Year after year LG lies in wait as Apple, Samsung and HTC duke it out in a veritable smartphone free for all, swooping in months later stealing away a generous portion of coveted market share. This year is no exception. Global launch events took place yesterday simultaneously in New York and London during which LG presented it’s long anticipated holy grail of smartphone technology. Equipped with a Snapdragon 808, 3 GB’s of RAM, an improved QHD display and a 16 megapixel camera, LG is slated to take the competition head on.

Aesthetically the G4 remains very much unchanged when compared to it’s predecessor. Aside from the G4’s ever so slightly curved display there isn’t much to write home about. Above the display is situated a large sensor and selfie cam, below is an LG logo. Nothing spectacular. The back of the device is home to a notable difference, though. Rather than a linear brushed metallic finish there is a diamond pattern, which actually looks pretty sharp. It appears as though it may be slightly raised to provide texture for grip. If instead you’d prefer a G4 with a more premium look in feel you’re in luck. This year LG is offering it’s flagship device with a premium stitched down the center leather back. Not too shabby, LG. Not too shabby. The power button/volume rocker combo still remains top and center beneath the main camera. At either side is a dual tone flash and a second large sensor.

As you may have heard through various Android news outlets the Snapdragon 810, while powerful, is prone to over heating. The processor throttles at an incredible rate and never sustains it’s full potential. LG used said processor in a previous device, the LG Flex 2, and testing has shown that the device does run hot. Having taken this into consideration LG went instead with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 808. Rather than running eight cores like the Snapdragon 810, the 808 houses only six, two big and four little. While this may seem like a step backwards, LG insists that the processor has been tailored to suit the G4’s capabilities specifically, namely it’s camera and display.

The front of the device appears as though it remains unchanged. At a hair under 5.5″ LG’s G4 has retained the G3’s LCD QHD display (2560×1440 – 534 PPI) But being the innovators they are LG has  introduced IPS Quantum Display technology. Claims by LG have stated that the display is 25% brighter and has a 20% wider color range. The display is also said to represent closer to life colors when compared to other devices. And like the Flex 2, the G4 houses a curved display, but not nearly as pronounced as the Flex’s. The battery of the G4 remains the same as it’s predecessor at 3000 mAh’s. With an advanced display and a later model processor it’s safe to assume we will see better battery life this time around.

The G4’s main camera took a leap from 13 megapixels to a hefty 16 megapixels. Though not as generous as offerings from Samsung and HTC’s, LG consistently delivers spot on performance with it’s flagship smartphone cameras. It still remains equipped with Laser Auto Focus, but this time offers improved OIS (optical image stabilisation) better performance in low light and a 40% larger sensor. It also comes equipped with a slew of manual controls such as shutter speed, white balance and ISO to name a few.

If you’re one of many loyal users waiting to get your hands on the G4 go ahead and start stuffing your piggy bank. The G4 is slated for a late May or sometime in June international release. It’s been speculated that the device will run about the same as the G3 did at launch. Which is still a pretty penny. There is no word yet on how much more the leather clad G4 will cost. LG is projecting sales of up to 12 million devices this time around. Still not as many as the G3 at 16.8 million units shipped, but hey, anything is possible.


Leather Back LG G4


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