HTC Offering Special Edition Ink’d One M9 Handsets


First engraving to be offered on special edition M9's

As a follow up to last years M8 Phunk edition, HTC will be offering “tatted” M9 devices. The special edition HTC One M9’s will feature engravings inspired by artists, designers and fashionistas.

HTC has struck a number of similar deals in the past. The M7 came equipped with Beats Audio, and Sprint offered a special edition M8 equipped with Harman/Kardon Clari-Fi technology. Robert Downey Jr has appeared in a slew of TV commercials endorsing the M8 and M9 alike, and a recent partnership with Under Armour produced a fitness wearable device.

The first M9 engraving has been offered by super model Jourdan Dunn. Thus far there’s no picture of the device, but HTC is giving us a look at the engraving itself. It may not appeal to everyone, but HTC assures that more devices will be offered with engravings tailored to a number of tastes and styles.

No word yet on a launch date, but the special edition devices are official. We’ll keep you posted on updates as the story develops.

Source: Technobuffalo

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