OxygenOs. What To Expect.


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Reching out to Android enthusiasts, flash addicts and the development community, OnePlus has introduced “The Team”. The Team being a handful of Paranoid Android developers, former Google interns, app developers, technical specialists and other assorted flavors of geekdom.

With the ROM moving into stable, testing has commenced and OnePlus is pushing for a March release date.

The company claims that OxygenOs has been and will continue to be developed with the name in mind, free of bloatware sporting excellent battery life and containing unobtrusive yet useful features. They’ve also stated that the developers will be taking community suggestions regarding future development of OxygenOs. A ROM built by the people for the people.

Having software built in house, I suppose, will keep the developers and users in close proximity. Thus allowing OnePlus to quickly and efficiently squash bugs and implement new features. I wouldn’t be surprised if OxygenOs debuts nearly Vanilla with a couple features and for a period of time is updated weekly or monthly along with bug fixes and new toys.

Interestingly enough, OxygenOs is said to be closed source and won’t be delivered as an Over The Air Update. Rather, installation will be at the users discretion.

Could you imagine… OxygenOs invites? Good grief…

This gives the user a chance to decide whether or not they will stick with CyanogenMod, or choose to boldly go where no man has gone before.

The developers of OxygenOs hosted an AMA on Reddit and can be found here. Pretty interesting stuff.

Now onto personal opinion.

While talk of OxygenOs is abundant, and the promises are bold, I cannot say with 100% certainty that I’ve been entirely sold.

The reason I say that I’m not entirely sold is their decision to “Introduce the team”. It seems as though OnePlus is reaching for this one, and with CyanogenMod out this could indicate trouble some time in the future, assuming Oxygen doesn’t live up to it’s name. Publicity stunts are usually never a good sign.

So far OnePlus produces a single device that suffers from a host of problems, everything from bad PR to yellowing and terrible customer service. Not to mention the damn thing is harder to get ahold of than Angelina Jolie’s exquisite… and now they’re switching operating systems. As a whole it just looks bad.

Personally, I wish nothing but the best for OnePlus in all of their future endeavors. I just think it may be time for them to get their ducks in a row if they plan to be a global smartphone player. Easier said than done I’m sure. I’ve never ran a multi million dollar company.

So I’m pretty sure we covered everything. If there’s anything you’d like to add feel free to use the comment section!

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