Xposed Framework Confirmed For Lollipop.


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Xposed allows rooted users direct manipulation of the Android framework through downloaded modules, allowing functionality and customizations usually only found in custom ROMs.

It’s been confirmed today that Xposed is on the way for Lollipop users.

The phrase “Stock rooted running Xposed” will be relevant once again.

But even if you’re already on a custom ROM, Xposed provides a plethora of benefits.

Some modules are device specific, some modules are universal. Some are incredibly useful, while others are simply novel. For instance, the ability to replace your KitKat network icons with Gingerbread icons or add an unlimited amount of text to a Snapchat.

Since before the release of Android 5.0 speculation arose around the possibility of Xposed’s compatability with the Lollipop.

Founder of Xposed, Rovo89, made a few comments on the matter stating he wasn’t sure he’d have the time or even the motivation to continue development for the upcoming platform.

But today we rejoice.

Xposed for Lollipop is on the horizon.

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