Google Glass. Can You See Me Now?


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Not anymore we can’t.

Google Glass. The future of Augmented Reality… For about two years until recently scrapped.

The product wasn’t aimed at folks like you and I. To Glasses’ demographic, $1500 was pocket change.

You could tell by watching the high profile advertisements that Google Glass was a business mans Android. He possessed not nearly enough hands for his coffee, briefcase and smartphone. With Google Glass he could wear his Android right on his face and have all the information he could ever need at the blink of an eye.

They even showcased Glass adorning the faces of runway models. I… Er… Um… Anyways…

It’s not that the world wasn’t ready for the product. Quite the opposite, actually. Amongst Google existed two groups. Those who thought it too early for a Beta release and those who wanted to force it down the public’s collective throat. Pretty strong wording, but it is what it is.

Unfortunately for Google, the early Beta release was a failure. It was unattractive, pretty damned useless and riddled with problems. They thought by putting it into the hands of developers and interested consumers they could work out the kinks, ya know, polish it up a bit.


Two years have passed and Glass has been officially scrapped and handed over to Nest CEO Tony Fadell who claims his revision of Google Glass won’t make it into the public until it is without a doubt perfect.

I’d like to take a minute and expand on this, the decision to hand the product over to Nest.

As we know, Nest specializes in home product and integration, probably soon community and city integration. It is safe to assume that Google Glass will in some way make use of this technology. You wake up first thing and you find that you’d like it a little warmer in your home. Lucky for you you’ve got Nest Thermostat and a shiny pair of rebooted Google Glass.

“Ok, Google Glass. It’s too cold in here. Turn the heat up a little bit.”

And voilà. Nest does the rest for you.

You’re on your way to work; Google Nest is on every street corner and delivers real time, location based information straight to your face, the quickest route to work based on traffic patterns, roadblocks, red lights, accidents etc.

Again, this last bit was an expansion on Google’s decision to hand the project over to Nest and contained a good bit of speculation. But as the world becomes more and more dependent on technology, I can easily see the road map from Google Nest, to Google Neighborhood, to Google City to Google World. And Google glass will keep you plugged in every step of the way.

It’s actually kinda scary if you’re into the whole Orwellian 1984 thing and have seen the movie “Minority Report” or read any Philip K. Dick novel.

Androidos4u does a lot of speculation, but it’s part of the fun, part of the future of Android.

Would anyone care to add anything else? Use the comment section below to voice your opinions!

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